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Kallimaga vahekorras

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Mis päeval oma kallimaga kõige rohkem vahekorras oled?
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Vabal päeval,
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Siis kui tuju tuleb
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Kuna siin enamus naisi on soliidses eas ja püsisuhtes, siis vaevalt seda iganädalaselt üldse juhtub.
mhm... mulle meeldib esmasp , teisip... vahest ka pühap..

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It is challenging all of the things we have to endure. But thank you so much for bringing more awareness into this area.

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Ultra Omega Burn

A second criticism is that, because the term "superfood" is not scientific, it can mean very little and prompt some consumers to eat one kind of food over another. Is broccoli really that superior to asparagus?
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siis kui tuju ja isu on. kindlat päeva pole. küll aga pohmaka aeg kindlasti
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